Cake Pans

May 2010 Cake PansPans (+decorating bags & tips) may be borrowed from the library for $1.00.
Pans may be reserved; they are checked out for one week or as arranged.






"Animal Crackers" Cuddles the Cow Monkey Spiderman
"Over the Hill" Daisy flower Motorcycle SpongeBob Squarepants
"Wonder Mold" 3-D doll Darth Vader Noah's Ark Sports Ball
101 Dalmatians Dinosaur Number 1 Springform pan (4 bottoms)
Bake 'n Fill Dora the Explorer Open Book (2 sizes) Star
Ballerina Bear Easter Egg Pirate/Cowboy Strawberry Shortcake
Barbie- ’92 & ‘95 Elmo Pocahontas Super Mario
Barney Enchanted Castle Power Rangers Tasmanian Devil
Baseball glove Fire Truck Precious Moments Teddy Bear
Big Bird Football Princess (Disney) Teddy Bear (stand up)
Bob the Builder Fred Flintstone Puppy Dog Tigger
Boot (Western) Garfield Purse TinkerBell (Disney)
Bugs Bunny Guitar Race Car Tractor - garden
Bunny (stand-up) Haunted House Race Car (Nascar) Tractor with cab
Care Bear Heart Raggedy Ann/Andy Train
Carousel Horse Home-run Hitter Rocking Horse Troll
Cars (Disney) Horseshoe Round (4-tiers) Truck-18 wheeler
Christmas tree Hot-air Balloon Round (double-tier) T-shirt
Clown/nurse/girl Jack-o-lantern Scooby-Doo Turtle (TeenageMutantNinga)
Computer Jungle Lion Sheet Cake (12x18) Tweety
Congratulations Kitty Cat Smurf Veggie Tales
Cookie Monster Lamb (stand up) Smurfette Winnie the Pooh
Cross Micky Mouse Snowman/Clown/PoorGuy

Space Ship